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December 23, 2011 / petrastridfeldt

4 days…

I’m surprised I’m not stressed considering that we are going in four days and I’ve not packed yet, just found out that we will need another camera bag as the two we have will not take three cameras and all the equipment… this together with that it’s Christmas tomorrow, the kids coming home for Christmas and expect food on the table and that we have not had time to sit down and planed the route yet. Guess we will have to do that on the flight over as there will be plenty of time and hopefully the person next to us don’t mind having a map in the face every now and then. Now off to the local pub to meet up with Anders and one son for a drink 🙂


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  1. Sally n Ste / Dec 28 2011 8:26 am

    Hey babes. I am doing all the stressing for you both. We firmly believe you two are completely bonkers. But rest assured there will be no ghastly, horrid, scary slugs to scare you back home!!!
    Sally Safe and Sensible Steve

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